Less Chemicals
Less Energy
Recycled Trims

We are proud of what we started & Excited to See What the Future Holds

Learn What Makes Our Jeans KUDRO

KUDRO is committed to innovating the future of kids jeans made with people and the planet in mind!

Fair Trade Certified™ Factory

For Fair Trade Certified product, we pay a premium that goes into a community development fund run by the factory employees. Every jean purchased gives more money back to the factory workers so they can invest in their greatest needs.

Purchase with Purpose

Kudro™ is committed to protecting our planet and creating positive change for the people who make our Kudro jeans. That’s why we partner with Fair Trade USA to verify ethical sourcing and enable sustainable, happier livelihoods for people across the entire supply chain.

100% of Kudro jeans are produced in Fair Trade Certified factories this is how we plan to stay!

Equal Pay, Better Benefits

Women make as much as men do. Workers also get maternity leave and other paid days off.


Kudro is partnered with 1% For The Planet and we made a commitment to donate 1% of annual sales revenue directly to environmental organizations. 1% For The Planet certifies every donation to ensure we make that annual commitment.


Did you know that 100 billion garments are produced globally every 12 months and 60% of them end up in landfills before they’re one year old.

Kudro aspires to be different, and our mission started to keep our jeans being reused in the global economy. Kudro established the re-loved program to help reduce the
amount of clothes globally that is disposed in landfills. The goal for them to be loved + re-loved + re-worn by more than one kid. Gender neutral sizing of kudro jeans means they can be passed around and handed down in your community. We incorporate premium fabrics and durable fibers for jeans to withstand maximum wear by each kid and the most washing by you.

For more info see our re-loved program on how to return Kudro jeans to be reused and reworn.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is farmed without the use of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. This reduces the exposure to farmers, workers and ecosystems to harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is non-GMO, which means it has not been genetically modified this guarantees product quality and environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This holistic approach to cotton farming not only reduces the overall environmental impact and is safer for kids as synthetic chemical residues are eliminated from the cotton production. This is great when purchasing jeans for your kids who have sensitive skin and allergies. The organic cotton we use at Kudro is OCS certified ensuring specific standards for organic farming and processing.

Sustainably Sourced Cotton

When Kudro cotton is not organic it’s sustainably sourced cotton this means, it’s still better for the planet and the people. Sustainably sourced cotton has reduced chemical use, water conservation, biodiversity preservation, improved soil health, a lower carbon footprint, encouraging better labor practices.

You can feel good about reducing your environmental footprint when purchasing Kudro premium quality kids jeans!


Lyocell is eco-friendly and ethically sourced premium fiber making it an excellent component to use in Kudro Jeans. A botanic lightweight fiber that feels extraordinarily silky soft and drapey when used in denim fabrics. It’s 100% biodegradable & compostable made from predominantly eucalyptus tree pulp. Lyocell is created using a “closed loop” manufacturing process that doesn’t create harmful by-products. The manufacturing process of Lyocells fiber’s is super-fast consuming less water and energy. Lyocell offers great strength and elasticity making it a highly durable fiber perfect for active kids. The breathability of lyocell creates an antibacterial effect great for kids


Innovative future-ready recyclable stretch fiber with excellent stretch and recovery that resists bagging and sagging excellent for kids that are active for long lasting “All Year
Comfort”. Lycra T400 EOCMADE has a total sustainability content of 68% this comprises of 50% recycled plastic bottles diverted from landfills and 18% plant based content from renewable resources. Premium quality fiber that is breathable, abrasion ‘resistant and UV resistant. We just made your laundry loads better as this Lycra T400 ECO MADEis highly durable, quick dry and chlorine proof making it great for “kudro” jeans to be loved + re-loved!

We take pride in our jeans at KUDRO and want you to learn all about it! Sustainability is crafted into our jeans with the trims used on every pair.

Recycled paper Jacron
ECO finish hardware
Recycled polyester YKK zip tape
Recycled polyester labels
Recycled polyester and sustainably sourced cotton threads
Environmentally friendly printing inks

In the trims an average of 2 plastic bottles are recycled per jean! Help us on our mission to reduce landfill waste.

Environmental Impact Measure

EIM is a score that encompasses impact of 4 difference components water, chemical, electrical and workers. Traditional denim manufacturing has EIM scores in 40-50 range. Kudro jean washing the EIM scores range from 24-27.

Sustainable, Stone-Free Washing

Kudro jeans are washed in patented washing machines that are stone free. We believe stones should belong in nature for kids to enjoy!

• Laser processing

• Stone-free

• Air wash

• Blue sign certificate approved Enzymes & softeners

Less Water, Chemicals, & Energy

Traditional denim washing has a 15/1 ratio and Kudro jeans have a 4/1 ratio we’re using less water and keeping it on the planet where it belongs.

We use 85% less chemicals than traditional denim washing. Better for the environment, factory workers and gentler on kids skin. The enzymes and softeners we do use are Blue sign certificate approved.

Kudro Jeans uses less electrical and human energy than traditional washing.

Responsible Packaging

HANGTAGS made from recycled card stock w/ embroidered patch crafted from deadtock fabric.
SINGLE USE POLY BAGS are not used in our shipping supply chain.
KRAFT TISSUE PAPER FSC-certified recycled paper that is compostable.
PAPER STICKERS are 100% recyclable and compostable made with FSC-certified paper, acid free, soy-based inks.
E-COMMERCE MAILER BOXES are 100% recyclable and made from 47% recycled fibre and 47%
post-consumer waste.

The kids can use our KUDRO e-commerce box for art projects and post it to Instragram #KUDROKIDS