Welcome to the Denim Revolution

Our Story

The brand vision from conception has been to create premium, sustainable, comfortable, durable and inclusive denim clothing that kids love to wear. In Esperanto Kudro means seams — it is the essence of what holds garments together. We crafted sustainability into the seams of every pair of Kudro jeans from the threads, fibers, fabrics, hardware.

Our jeans are gender neutral, furthering our commitment to sustainability. They can be passed down to younger siblings and relatives, keeping them out of landfills and in circulation for a long time because they are made of premium quality denim.

Kudro leads with sustainable innovation from concept to creation by utilizing sustainably sourced fabric, recycled trims, and cleaner manufacturing practices that utilize - less water, less energy, less chemicals resulting in a lower environmental impact. Engaging with our customers is our number one priority. Our goal is to educate and empower them in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our Mission


WE are the opposite of fast fashion and believe "we can do more with less”.

Meet Rebecca

Our Founder

Kudro was a dream born in Brooklyn, created by denim designer Rebecca Ford who has spent her 25-year career designing product, specializing in children’s clothing since 2014, for retailers in Europe and the US including Abercrombie & Fitch Kids, Li Fung and Revise Clothing.

A global citizen, Rebecca was born in the UK, raised in Hong Kong and has been based in the US since 2007. She visited her first garment factory when she was 15 years old, knowing immediately that she wanted to pursue a career in fashion.

In conceptualizing Kudro Kids, it was important to her to create a brand that was environmentally conscious using premium quality denim. Kudro Kids jeans are softer, making them ideal for kids with sensitivity issues, while looking good and fitting comfortably. It is her belief that premium denim does not just have to be for adults.

Our Values

Pride in Our Jeans

Premium Quality, Comfort, Innovation, Sustainability

All for One & One For All

Inclusivity, Gender Neutral, Community

Our Love for Life

Passion, Fun, Kindness

Be Good to the Earth

Leave the world in a better place than we found it

Do More with Less

Produce less and keep product being reworn & reused

Devoted customer service

We’ll treat you like family