Discovering Wotto

Discovering Wotto

The world we live in is saturated with inspiration just go outside and discover it; this is how Kudro discovered Wotto. I was out walking my dog in Fort Greene Brooklyn and we stopped to admire an amazing mural being painted on a new coffeeshop facade. The owner was onsite overseeing the installation we chatted about the remarkable graphics. He linkedin us on social media and a collaboration with Craig Watkins aka Wotto began with Kudro.

We thought you’d like to hear from the artist himself so we asked him a few questions. #JUSTBEYOU

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Craig Watkins and I am an illustrator based in California. I have been illustrating for clients since 2000. I enjoy working with large brands and small start ups too. I am interested in projects that can stretch my creative thinking and bring something new to the consumer. I am known for my doodle style that I have developed over many years. My doodle based characters and typography have adorned many surfaces but working with Kudro will see my doodles on denim for the first time!


Now tell us about Wotto!

The name Wotto comes from my friend naming me that many years ago. It’s somewhat of a shortening of my surname but also served as my graffiti name when I was younger. I’ve build a brand around the name and it’s much easier to say than my full name.


When did you first know you wanted to pursue graphic design as more than a hobby?

High School. My art teacher let me know that you could get paid for creating things and it blew my mind. It made me focus on ursuing this career. Respect teachers, they can change lives.


Is graphic design your passion?

My passion is really creating for customers. I am most excited when I see the art I create applied to a new product type. I love the idea of a customer wearing/carrying/loving my art as part of their daily routine. The process of art turning into a product that customers can interact with is special.

What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

I like the entire process. From a clients idea right through to final execution. The best part is seeing the final product probably. I also very much enjoy seeing the clients response and making sure that the client is happy with the art I made and the final product.


Who is/was your greatest mentor?

My grandfather. He was a massive inspiration to me. Although he wasn’t strictly a creative he was a very good person. He had a great outlook on life. He was dependable and compassionate. I also have great friends in the art space who help to encourage and push me. Having a community of artists around you is important.


What do you love about your collaboration with Kudro?

I love that Kudro is a new company challenging the norms of fashion and I also love the application of my art. Any process that elevates my art is very attractive to me. These products look great and I believe in the fun approach to children’s clothing. Bold characters and messaging helps to spread good energy and allows kids to develop a love for fashion and style.


How do you contribute to helping the environment?

I try to work with brands and companies that are environmentally conscience. The state of the planet is something Ihink about pretty often and I hope to not be a contributor to an already awful situation. I think we each have a responsibility to buy products from brands that make choices that benefit the environment, animals and natural planet.

Follow him on instagram @wotto76